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The future of mining

We are changing the face of South African mining.

In an unprecedented show of workers’ empowerment, 1 200 previously retrenched employees now own their own stake in the Arnot colliery, and are able to steer the mine toward the future in a novel way.

Arnot OpCo Procurement Portal

The Arnot OpCo Procurement Portal provides an online platform for approved and potential vendors to register and maintain their company profile, in line with the Arnot OpCo procurement compliance requirements.

As part of Arnot’s commitment to operational excellence, the Arnot OpCo Procurement Portal provides a solution to automate interaction between Arnot buyers and its community of vendors, both approved and potential.

As a potential vendor to Arnot, you can register your company profile and submit an expression of interest for Arnot buyers to consider your company in future sourcing events. Registering on the Arnot OpCo Procurement Portal is not a guarantee of any business, but will assist our buyers in reaching out to prospective new suppliers who are interested in doing business with Arnot.

Safety first
Where we mine

We value safety

At Arnot OpCo, the safety of our team is of paramount importance. We know that our success depends greatly on the safety and motivation of each and every Arnot OpCo employee.
We are always striving towards perfection when it comes to the safety and security of your team and those visiting our operations.

Arnot Coal Mine

The Arnot mine is situated roughly midway between the towns of Middelburg and Carolina
in Mpumalanga province, South Africa.

The mine is 43 km from Middelburg, 65 km from Carolina and 25 km from Hendrina, and is surrounded by a number of projects and active operations.

Leading by example

The Arnot coal mine broke new ground in the South African mining industry when 50% of the mine’s ownership was transferred to former employees on Workers’ Day 2019.

The Arnot OpCo team is led by a group of experienced, dedicated mining professionals.